What happened to Deep Tracks on Sirius? Unforeseen Shifts and Resurrected Nostalgia - SoapAsk (2024)

Unexpected movements are taking place in the world of satellite radio, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats. The destiny of beloved channels like Deep Tracks is unknown, while a surge of nostalgia suggests the return of a long-forgotten musical era.

As the tale progresses, we are left wondering what shocks and changes await us in the world of these favorite channels.

What happened to Deep Tracks on Sirius?

Deep Tracks on Sirius Radio will move from Channel 27 to Channel 308 starting tomorrow. This change in channel positioning may make the station unavailable to a large number of its regular listeners.

Deep material has long been a favorite among deep album cut fans, offering a forum for non-pop catalog material from bands such as Genesis.

The emotional attachment to songs like “Dancing with the Moonlit Knight” during morning commutes and “More Fool Me” on the way home demonstrates the station’s influence on its listeners.

Deep Tracks’ channel migration symbolizes the end of an era, and its passionate fan base will miss it.

Deep Tracks Channel Move

Due to a sudden and unexpected move, Deep Tracks on Sirius appears to have generated quite a stir among its dedicated listeners.

The channel’s absence from its customary location surprised many, with one individual claiming that it vanished without notice.

An official statement expressed optimism that angry listeners’ criticism would lead to a reversal of the decision in the following weeks.

While some people praised the station’s hosts, including Jim Ladd, Greg Robertson, and Early Bird, others had conflicting opinions about them.

Feedback to Sirius was requested, however, it was difficult to locate the right channels for raising complaints with the firm.

This abrupt transition has surely left Deep Tracks followers confused and seeking methods to express their feelings about the channel’s relocation.

Nostalgia for Canceled Prog

SiriusXM customers recall the early 2000s when the satellite radio carrier offered an all-Prog channel that acted as a musical discovery engine for progressive rock lovers.

Many listeners, including one who recounts finding Porcupine Tree, discovered a slew of now-favorite songs during this period.

Unfortunately, this channel was canceled in 2005 or 2006, causing several users to quit their subscriptions.

The attitude surrounding this channel is overwhelmingly favorable, with many expressing their appreciation for the wide range of music it introduced them to.

As the debate continues, some speculate that automotive compatibility may impact access to certain channels, but the overall conclusion appears to be that nostalgia for the once-loved Prog channel remains strong.

Many people are looking back fondly on this age of musical discovery and longing for its resurrection on satellite radio.

What is the Deep Tracks?

Deep Tracks is a famous SiriusXM Radio channel for aficionados of vintage rock music, presenting a unique mix of lesser-known recordings.

This comprises album cuts, one-hit wonders, live concert recordings, “forgotten 45s,” and B-side tracks, giving fans a deeper dive beyond the mainstream hits into the realm of classic rock.

Brian Beddow is the channel’s current programming director, in charge of its content. During the week, notable on-air personalities such as Earle Bailey, Meg Gryphon, Jim Ladd (renowned for his themed sets programming), and Carol Miller appear on the channel.

Deep Tracks debuted in 2008 as part of the Sirius/XM merger, replacing “The Vault” channel. It may be found on SiriusXM Radio as channel 308.

The channel has a history of logo modifications, having adopted the logo from the previous XM channel “Top Tracks” in April 2009, following the merger.

The moniker “Deep Tracks” is a nod to XM’s classic rock stations, including “Big Tracks” and “Top Tracks,” the latter of which morphed into “Classic Vinyl” following the merger.

George Taylor Morris, the channel’s initial programmer, left in the summer of 2008 owing to health difficulties.

The station has also paid tribute to legendary rock performers, devoting a week in January 2020 to Rush songs in memory of drummer Neil Peart, who died earlier that month.

Similarly, in October 2020, the station started playing Van Halen music as an homage to Eddie Van Halen, who died on the same day.

Dusty Street, a former Deep Tracks host, was a part of the channel’s history but died in 2023. This channel is a treasure trove for classic rock fans, featuring a broad and selected playlist of classic rock jewels, making it a popular destination for those looking for a more in-depth musical experience.

What happened to Deep Tracks on Sirius? Unforeseen Shifts and Resurrected Nostalgia - SoapAsk (2024)


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