Litter Robot 3 Dump Position Fault (2024)

1. Litter Robot III - Dump Position Fault - RobotShop Community

  • May 3, 2020 · Press and hold reset button until it flashes 3x, then release. This video will help you troubleshoot and recalibrate the DFI sensor: https:// ...

  • Hi! I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering. Description: My litter robot 3 recently started flashing the blue-yellow-green “cannot find dump position” error code and won’t cycle after the cats use it. If I press “reset” and then “cycle” it will cycle as normally (or almost as normally, see below) but when it returns to the home position the same error lights start flashing again. One thing I have noticed is that, when it is cycling and it reaches the end of its first turn, th...

2. Litter-Robot 3: All three lights flashing (Globe position fault)

  • Blue and yellow and red (All three lights flashing simultaneously): This means the unit cannot find the Dump or Home position. The unit will not cycle ...

  • Find solutions for your Litter-Robot 3's three lights flashing position sensors issue. Fix issues with your Connect Upgrade Kit today!

3. Litter robot 3 - dump position fault - RobotShop Community

4. Litter-Robot 4: Red light bar with partial white flashing (Globe position)

  • If your unit displays a red light bar with partial white flashing, this indicates that the unit did not detect the globe position during its previous cycle. You ...

  • Visit for solutions if your Litter-Robot 4 has a red light bar with a partial white flashing globe. Get instant support and fixes today.

5. Litter-Robot 3: Fixing the globe magnets

  • Litter-Robot 3: Fixing the globe magnets · Blue → Yellow → Red Cycling: This means the unit cannot find the Dump position. · Red → Yellow → Blue Cycling: This ...

  • Troubleshooting your disassembled Litter-Robot 3 Globe? Our guide helps you check magnet positions and correct errors for a smoothly functioning unit.

6. Troubleshooting Step-By-Step Guide - Litter-Robot 3

  • Oct 18, 2016 · The unit should perform an initial Clean cycle: the Globe will rotate counterclockwise to the Dump position, then rotate clockwise past the Home ...

  • Our convenient Litter-Robot 3 troubleshooting guide helps solve common and not-so-common problems with your unit. Learn how to quickly fix your Litter robot 3.

7. [PDF] Litter-Robot 3 Manual

  • You can cancel the timer. (red light) by pressing Reset. Red Light Flashing: Cat Sensor Fault ... Cannot find Dump position. The unit will continue to function in ...

8. Litter-Robot 3 Troubleshooting: What Do The Lights Mean?

  • Jul 22, 2020 · Then hit the Reset button to reset the cat sensor. Check out our Litter-Robot 3 red light flashing troubleshooting guide. Some litters are ...

  • Litter-Robot troubleshooting means learning about Litter-Robot lights: flashing blue light, flashing red light, blue and yellow lights, and more.

9. Litter-Robot 4: Light codes guide

  • If your unit's light bar is blue with two flashing yellow lights, this indicates that the scale has been triggered for more than 30 minutes. Remove excess ...

  • Discover solutions for all Litter-Robot 4 light codes in our comprehensive guide. Find quick fixes and get your Litter-Robot working perfectly again. Click now!

10. [PDF] Litter-Robot™ II Manual

  • During the cleaning cycle, just before the Globe reaches the “dump” position, a mechanism moves the Internal. Guard out of the way to open the waste ports.

Litter Robot 3 Dump Position Fault (2024)


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