How to Pair Beats Earbuds & Headphones to iPhone (iOS 17) (2024)

What To Know:

  • Once you've paired your Beats headphones to your Apple device for the first time, they will automatically pair to your device.
  • Press and hold the Beats power button until it flashes. This is pairing mode.
  • Once your Beats are in pairing mode, you can easily to connect them to your iPhone's Bluetooth via the Control Center or Settings.
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Whether you've just purchased a new iPhone or are the proud new owner of Beats wireless headphones or earbuds, we'll show you how to connect your Beats to your iPhone.As a bonus, we've also included a list of common fixes if you've been struggling with your Beats not connecting to your iPhone.

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How to Pair Beats Headphones & Earbuds to iPhone

While Beats Flex have been used to illustrate the steps below, these instructions are also compatible withBeats Fit Pro,Beats Studio Buds,Powerbeats Pro,Beats Solo3 Headphones, andBeats Studio3 Wireless. Follow the steps below to connect your Beats earbuds and headphones:

  1. Locate the power button and turn on your Beats, placing them within a few feetof your iPhone.
  2. An image of your Beats willappear on your iPhone. Tap Connect.How to Pair Beats Earbuds & Headphones to iPhone (iOS 17) (2)
  3. Press and hold the power button on your Beats (promptedin the picture) for fiveseconds. You should see a flashing light, indicating your Beats are in pairing mode.How to Pair Beats Earbuds & Headphones to iPhone (iOS 17) (3)
  4. Tap Continue.How to Pair Beats Earbuds & Headphones to iPhone (iOS 17) (4)
  5. Your Beats should now be paired and listed as Connected in thelist of Bluetooth devices.How to Pair Beats Earbuds & Headphones to iPhone (iOS 17) (5)

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How to Fix Beats Not Connecting to iPhone

Hopefully, you didn’t have any problems pairing your Beats headphones to your iPhoneand this was a painless, straightforward process for you. However, as we all know, technology is certainly not without itsoccasional hiccups. If you ran into trouble, here are some common solutions you can try if your Beats headphones or earbuds are not connecting to your iPhone.

Fix #1: Check That Your Beats Have Enough Charge

One of the main reasons your Beats won't connect to your device is because of a barely-charged battery. Make sure your Beats headphones or earbuds have at least a 20-minute charge on them before trying to connect them to your iPhone. Unlike AirPods, your Beats headphones won't turn off automatically. So aftera listening session, you'll want to make sure you manuallyturn off your Beats.

Fix #2: Make Sure Your iPhone Bluetooth Is Enabled

Sometimes the simple things are easy to miss! Your Beats headphones or earbuds will be unable to connect to your iPhone if Bluetooth is not enabled. To check this, open the Settings app on your iPhone, tap Bluetooth, and confirm the Bluetooth toggle is on. The toggle is green when Bluetooth is enabled.

Fix #3: Turn Both Devices Off & On

Turn both your iPhone and Beats headphones or earbuds on and off again. This simple and effective method can solve a surprising number of software glitches. Once you've turned both devices back on, follow the steps above to try pairing your Beats to your iPhone.


  • Do Beats headphones automatically connect to iPhone?Once you have connected your Beats headphones to your iPhone for the first time, the iPhone will usually automatically connect to the Beats headphones once you turn them on. This isn't always the case, however, especially if there are multiple active Bluetooth devices in proximity. Go to Bluetooth Settings on your iPhone to ensure the Beats connect.
  • How do you know if Beats headphones are in pairing mode?On most Beats headphones, the charging lights will flash to indicate that they are in pairing mode. You put Beats headphones in pairing mode by pressing and holding the power button.
  • Will Beats connect to any phone?Beats headphones are compatible with most Bluetoothdevices, including phones, tablets, computers, etc.

Hopefully,you are now fully immersed in your favorite song playing from your Beats headphones or earbuds!If you're an Apple Music subscriber, you can also learn how to download all your Apple Musicsongs at oncetomake them available for offline listening. Looking for great iPhone accessories to go with your Beats headphones? Check out our iPhone Essentials Buyer's Guide!

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How to Pair Beats Earbuds & Headphones to iPhone (iOS 17) (2024)


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