How to Complete the Epistrophy Quest in Cyberpunk 2077 (2024)

When playing Cyberpunk 2077, it won’t take long for you to stumble across Delamain, the suave and stylish AI responsible for one of Night City’s poshest taxi services. Despite his demeanor and his insistence that the customer must always come first, especially when catering to those who have the Excelsior package, he’s also not above requesting some help from V. The savvy computer program has a problem with some of his vehicles, given that something has seemingly gone very wrong with them as they patrol the streets of Cyberpunk will all kinds of negative personalities controlling the wheel. With the arrival of Phantom Liberty, the long-awaited expansion toCyberpunk 2077 that also heralds a wealth of updates to the game’s core systems, we thought it’d be prudent to throw together a quick guide on how to complete the quest, “Epistrophy,” so you can ensure Delamain is back up and running at full capacity sooner rather than later.

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Where to Find Delamain’s Corrupted Cars for the Epistrophy Quest

After obtaining the quest “Epistrophy” inCyberpunk 2077, there’ll be plenty of potential targets for you to go after, and while they all have the shared issue of a malfunctioning AI core, each one will require a different solution to ensure it returns to its normal service. I’ll be including where to find each individual vehicle and how to solve their respective issues. None of them are particular challenges, and some are actually quite sweet, so be prepared for a varied experience when it comes to dealing with Delamain’s fractured mind. It’s also worth noting that you don’t need to go out of your way to start “Epistrophy,” you’ll automatically begin the quest after completing the side mission “Tune Up.” Just be sure to tell Delamain that you “don’t mind at all” when he asks if you’d look into his sentient cars, otherwise, you’ll need to come back to his main hub at some point to begin the mission.

  • Badlands: You’ll often drive past this marker when making your way around Night City so this vehicle is difficult to miss. It’s also made easier that it’s sitting in the middle of a landfill and it’s not scrap, so just keep your eyes open for a taxi just sitting amongst the trash. Once you find the car, it’ll ask you to get in, and while that may sound like a spooky offer, go ahead and do it. All it wants is to chat! It’ll lament how all it wants is to be free and not submit to Delamain any longer, agreeing that some terms will need to be set with its master. Your conversation ends on an ominous note but when you climb out of the back seat you’ll be told that Delamain has been able to re-establish a connection with the car. So… success?
  • Coastview: Cruising around Coastview, Delamain will contact V and tell them one of his cars is nearby. Track it down and it’ll lead you on a high-speed chase, constantly taunting you as it does. The pursuit will close out with an ambush from a bunch of enemies, all of whom will need to be killed. Once they’re all dead, talk to the car it will return to active duty. This is arguably the toughest chapter inCyberpunk 2077’s “Epistrophy” quest, so if all the combat at the end proves too much, it might be worth going off to gain some XP and better weapons before trying it again. Oh, also, enjoy the fun reference while you can!

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  • Northside: This will require some sleuthing from V since Delamain says he can’t pinpoint the exact location of this particular car. Thus, once you track down the quest marker, you’ll need to roam around the location to find your target, looking out for a massive grey tower with orange accents. Find the parking lot and look out for an alley surrounded by smaller buildings. Your target is idling in this side street and while it initially seems like an easy win, it’ll rebel against your attempts to reconnect it with Delamain, dashing off into the streets. It’s a fairly scripted pursuit so just make sure it doesn’t get too far ahead of you. Eventually, it’ll crash and you can approach it once more, finishing up this chapter.
  • The Glen: This particularly miserable car can be found overlooking the waterways of Night City and it’s seemingly about to make a very bad choice. It’s very sad and alone, looking for support from Delamain that it believes will never come. Simply talk with it, explain the situation, and reassure the vehicle that things will get better. Having saved the car from careening itself off the edge, it’ll fall back in line.
  • Wellsprings: Driving around Heywood, you need to give this care a major reality check. Once you catch it driving around, you’ll need to damage it so Delamain and re-establish its connection. How you do this is up to you. Ram it with your vehicle, hurl grenades at it or just use a shotgun to blast it away. I opted to just use my car, it seemed like the most appropriate tool for the job. Get in enough hits and it’ll eventually stop and get back to work.
  • North Oak: Another car that’s just over its existence. Get close enough to it while it drives around a traffic circle endlessly and talk with it about the situation. After telling the taxi that you can help it get to safety, you’ll need to drive it back to Delamain’s garage yourself. Satisfied that it’s away from the hustle and bustle, it’s added back onto the network.
  • Rancho Coronado: My particular favorite Delamain car, this one is obsessed with flamingos and is utterly convinced that they pose a major threat to the world. To appease Clarice, the name it gives itself, follow the various HUD markers that pop up and destroy the flamingo statues you encounter. Use your car, shoot them, blow them up, whatever floats your boat. Once they’re “dead,” V will shut down Clarice and Delamain will re-establish control.

It may seem like a bit of a time sink but completing each chapter of “Epistrophy” in Cyberpunk 2077 is a really good way to gain plenty of cash, XP, and street cred early in the game. Bar one or two moments, it’s also not too difficult to complete if you’re willing to just take an hour or so and drive around Night City. Hey, it might even help you get acquainted with the geography. Delamain is also very thankful, so no matter how you feel about him seemingly controlling a bunch of sentient AIs, at least he’s polite about it.

If you’re looking for more, check out if you should play Cyberpunk 2077 before diving into Phantom Liberty.

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How to Complete the Epistrophy Quest in Cyberpunk 2077 (2024)


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